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The county of Worcestershire is a fantastic place to undertake a ghost tour as it’s a goldmine for ghostly happenings.

Worcetershire’s biggest city of Worcester is one of the most historic and haunted cities in England. With a history dating back over 2000 years and old buildings which date back to as early as 1480s, it’s not surprising there are so many legends and sighting of ghosts.

There are countless tales of ghosts in many of Worcester buildings including the Grey Lady that haunts the Cathedral and a little girl called Daisy who haunts the solar room at Worcester Commandery.

The rest of Worcestershire is also home to many ghosts which makes it unsurprisingly one of the best areas in the country for embarking on a ghost walk, tour or hunt. 

Read on to discover the 8 best ghost tours in and around Worcestershire.

The Historic Ghost Tour of Worcester

The Historic Ghost Tour of Worcester takes place on autumn and winter nights between September and April.

Led by a guide, you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore some of the city’s most historic and haunted sites, such as Worcester Guildhall, St Swithun’s Church, and The Commandery.

Venture down to the hidden cells below the Worcester Guildhall, where many have smelt the perfume of a long-deceased lady still hangs in the air. Visitors report sudden drops in temperature.

Wander around Worcester and learn about the history of this fascinating city. Hear tales of Roman connections, catastrophic Viking raids, Elizabeth I and the bloody Battle of Worcester.

Visit the impressive Worcester cathedral and hear the story of the ghost of the grey lady who fell in love with a monk. Amble along medieval streets after dark and enjoy stories of many characters that are interwoven into Worcester’s history.

It’s a fascinating tour with brilliant reviews on TripAdvisor. It takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and involves walking for about 2 miles. The group meets at Wednesday nights from September to April at 7.30pm and start at The Elgar Statue, Cathedral Plaza in Worcester and finish at the Guildhall, Worcester High Street. It’s best to book in advance.

Details can be found on the Historic Ghost Tours of Worcester website.

After Dark Tours at the Commandery

Most years in October to celebrate Halloween, the Commandery opens it’s doors for visitors to come and see the building after dark.

This unique opportunity allows visitor to explore the 800 year old building’s dark and eerie past. Led by expert guides, embark on a ghost tour through the building’s many rooms and corridors. Hear tales of ghostly sightings and supernatural encounters.

The Commandery has a long and fascinating history. While it’s most famous for being the Royalists’ headquarters during the Civil War, it was originally constructed around an earlier Saxon chapel. It is believed it was also used as a hospital during the 11th century. The building also functioned as an almshouse, a residence, and even a sanctuary for tired travelers.

Not surprisingly, the Commandery is said to be one of the most haunted in Worcester. On the tour, hear about Daisy, a young girl who died in a fire at the Commandery, and The Duke of Hamilton who is said to haunt the solar room.

Haunted Happenings at the Nunnery in Malvern

Haunted Happenings are a company that lead guests on overnight and weekend ghost hunts in specific locations across the UK.

One of their tours is an overnight ghost hunt at an abandoned nunnery in Malvern. For over a century, the nunnery served as a convent for more than 250 nuns. While exploring the building today, you can still sense the protection and sanctuary it offered to the nuns who once resided here. Despite being abandoned now, the vastness of the building, including its basement and living quarters, provides a glimpse into the nuns’ daily lives.

The chapel, a magnificent structure, evokes a sense of awe, but also unease as you enter. The Nunnery has been the site of numerous ghost sightings, with many visitors reporting hearing chanting and whispers throughout the building.

A ghost tour here is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Investigate the most active areas of the immense Nunnery. With no electricity, the hunt is carried out in torchlight.

Conduct vigils, experiments, and even spend time alone (if you dare) to fully immerse yourself in the Nunnery’s haunting atmosphere.

From the vast chapel area to the smallest basement room, no corner of the Nunnery is left unexplored. Ghost hunting equipment will be available for use, and you’ll have the chance to conduct vigils using Ouija boards, table tipping, glass moving, and séances.

If you’re brave enough for this experience, it will certainly be one you won’t forget!

Book your overnight ghost hunt at Haunted Happenings.

Paranormal Investigation at Bewdley Museum

Between 9pm and 2am, enter Bewdley Museum on either the 20th May 2023 or 28th October 2023. Embark on an evening of paranormal investigation in the museum’s grounds. This experience is a must for any serious ghost hunter, with reports of high levels of paranormal activity on site.

The museum has a rich history, having been used for various purposes over the years, including a meat market in the 1770s, a brass foundry dating back to the 17th century, jail cells over 200 years old, a morgue, and a police and fire station.

On the ghost hunt explore all of the historic buildings, learn about the stories they hold, the people who worked there, and the tools they used.

Access artefacts used when the museum was a morgue, such as coffin-making tools, Victorian mourning wear, lockets of hair, and a wooden shoe remover. The site has some very active spirits. Visitors report ghostly sightings of a tall man who likes to move objects around in the gallery, children dressed in Victorian clothes playing in the foundry and a maid walking in the kitchen area.

Whatever happens it’ll be an unforgettable paranormal investigation.

Book your tickets on the museum website

Bewdley Town Ghost Walks

If a night at Bewdley museum is a little too much, a ghost walk around the beautiful town of Bewdley is another option.

On the ghost walks which take place on several dates during summer 2023, experience an eerie journey through the hidden and twisted past of Bewdley town. Wander through the streets of this charming historic town and retrace footsteps of characters of the past.

Unearth stories of mysterious deaths, wicked deeds, and forgotten secrets of the solitary spirits who roam the town, invisible to the living eye.

Enjoy a spine-chilling adventure to unravel the dark and disturbing history that lurks beneath the surface of Bewdley.

The ghost walks are suitable for people aged 13 years and over.

Other Ghost Tours Near Worcestershire

There are many ghost walks and hunts taking place in towns very near to Worcestershire. Here are a few to consider:

Stratford Ghost Walk

Accompanied by Vincent, Edward or the Man in Black, take a captivating stroll around the streets of Stratford upon Avon, known for its ghostly happenings.

Get lost in the enchanting tales of ghosts, witches, murder, and misery. Immerse yourself in traditional storytelling with plenty of entertainment.

Uncover the secrets of the creaky, ancient buildings, each with its own ghostly story to tell. Learn about the witch who once lived in a slum, the haunted 17th-century tearoom, the infamous theatre ghost, and the story of a jilted bride. Be warned, you may not want to walk home alone!

Book your Stratford Ghost Walk

Dudley Castle

Built in the 11th century, Dudley Castle has a haunting past full of conflicts, death, and pain, leading to lingering paranormal activity.

Join Haunted Houses for an overnight ghost hunt (between 9pm and 3am) at Dudley Castle. The castle is believed to be home to many spirits who witnessed past tragedies, including the infamous Grey Lady, believed to be the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont, a woman who passed away in the castle during a siege by Parliamentary forces.

Book your Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt

Birmingham Ghost Walk

Explore the hidden history of Birmingham with a unique walking tour that delves into the city’s dark past. From Victoria Square to the eerie catacombs of the Jewellery Quarter, discover the most haunted locations in town. Uncover chilling tales of the plague, public execution, and murder most foul that lurk just beneath the city’s modern exterior. With expert guides, discover the secrets where many people wouldn’t dare to venture alone.

This tour takes place in Birmingham on the 3rd Friday of every month

Find out more about the Birmingham Ghost Walk.

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