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London has a long, dark and gruesome history. It’s therefore not surprising the best ghost tours in the world take place here.

Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of the paranormal, or just want a light- hearted spooky experience for the family, there’s something for everyone on one of the city’s ghost tours.

From haunted pubs to Jack the Ripper tours, stories of gruesome executions to tales of torture – London’s ghost tours offer a fascinating glimpse into the city’s past.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 9 of the best ghost tours in London and what makes each one a must-try for anyone looking to uncover the city’s eerie secrets.

So, get ready to explore the dark side of London and discover some of the city’s most haunted locations!

Ghost, Ghouls and Gallows Walking Tour with Boat Ride

This is the only ghost tour with a boat ride included!

Discover London in a unique way with a walking tour at night when the city is less crowded. A guide takes you to explore dimly-lit parks and past haunted historic buildings. Hear stories of local ghosts and historic tragedies.

Finally, embark on a beautiful boat ride along the Thames which finishes at the iconic Tower of London, possibly one of the most haunted buildings in the city.

It’s a great tour for both adults and older kids.

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Cloak and Dagger Ghost Tour

Want to immersive yourself in the deep dark history of London? The Cloak and Dagger tour could be for you.

Meet at the entrance of the George Inn, one of London’s oldest pubs. Here, you’ll go back in time and meet a figure from history (aka a costumed guide) who will take you on a journey of the past you won’t forget.

Your guide will take you to discover London’s horrible and gruesome past. Walk along London’s Southbank and visit London landmarks such as Southwark cathedral and pass by Clink Prison Museum. Learn facts from London’s history you won’t hear anywhere else.

The highlight of the tour is possibly it’s finale. You’ll find yourself back at the George Inn, where actors recreate a murder in one of the rooms that took place 300 years ago.

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London Comedy Ghost Bus Tour

Combining scary stories and humour, the Comedy Bus tour is great for families.

Embark on a journey on a vintage 1960s Routemaster bus. The bus has been transformed into a spooky theatre complete with velvet curtains, eerie lighting, and a creepy soundtrack.

Ride through the streets of London accompanied with a funny guide dressed in Victorian attire. Visit some of the city’s most haunted locations. Hear stories of ghosts and ghouls spotted there.  Actors pop up throughout the journey to bring the stories to life.

The comedy bus tour is unique, it’s not for everybody. If you’re after truly scary there might be better tours. Also some people find the humour a little off putting.

However, if you like being entertained with a wacky guide and /or have kids to take along, this is an excellent choice.

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Jack the Ripper Tour

The Jack the Ripper Tour is a fascinating and macabre journey through the dark and mysterious streets of Whitechapel, where the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper roamed and committed his gruesome murders in the late 19th century.

Led by an expert guide, head back to 1888. Walk  the streets where the Ripper’s victims were found and key events that took place. Hear true stories about the investigation. Assess photo evidence to investigate the suspects. Learn about possible theories as to who committed the gruesome crimes.

Visit the Ten Bells pub, a historic and atmospheric pub that was frequented by some of the Ripper’s victims.

Your guide tells fascinating and sometimes chilling stories about what life was like in Whitechapel at the time. Learn about the poverty and social and economic conditions that contributed to the Ripper’s crimes.

This is a great tour for people who love the gruesome side of history. It’s also fascinating for people who want an insight into what London life was like for some of the poorest people that lived there in the 19th century.

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Self Guided Jack the Ripper Tour

Another option of ghost tour in London is the self-guided variety.

If you’re interested in Jack the Ripper, Free tours by foot have a free self guided Jack the Ripper tour on their website.

Another alternative is a self guided Jack the Ripper tour which is directly sent to your smartphone. Explore one of London most iconic districts in an interactive way on your phone. Solve entertaining tasks and riddles along the way. Read interesting stories and facts about the history and culture of London and learn about one of the most infamous murderers in London’s history.

Both tours allow you to go at your own pace and take extended stops along the way. Why not do them after dark to make the experience more eerie?

Free Tours By Foot

Enjoy a free 2 hour walking tour to discover the dark side of London. Meet your guide at Farringdon station who will take you to explore medieval London.

Hear tales of deadly surgeries, ghosts with missing feet, kings and heroes killed in most unexpected way. Stand before an old Victorian hospital famous for grave-robbery.

Visit the largest ‘Plague Pit’ in England and the Old Bailey Courthouse where criminals were executed and a Victorian serial killer was put on trial.

It’s a great tour for anybody who wants to get off the beaten track. At the end of the tour you can contribute any money you feel the tour was worth.

Book your free tours by foot ghost tour.

London: Ghastly Ghosts 2-Hour Walking Tour

Hear some of the best storytelling for a guide to discover London’s history and ghostly tales on a 2 hour walking tour from the Tower of London to St Paul’s Cathedral.

This tour has almost all five star reviews on TripAdvisor so it must be doing something right! With exceptional stories about the history of London and ghost stories thrown in, it’s a great way to learn about London’s past.

Highlights of the tour include hearing tales of terrible crimes and unsolved murders. Plus, see All Hallows by the Tower, one of the oldest churches in London.

Book the Ghastly Ghost Tour

London: 2-Hour Haunted Pub Walking Tour

Looking for a tour where you can experience a different side of London’s nightlife? Explore some of the city’s hidden gems on this brilliant haunted pub walking tour.

The tour takes you to some of London’s most historic pubs, which are said to be haunted by ghosts and spirits. Your guide whares stories and legends about the pubs and the ghosts that supposedly haunt them, including tales of notorious hauntings and hangings gone wrong, murderers and death. Plus learn of some of London’s most notorious grave-robbers and criminals

See sites of interest along the way such as Sweeney Todd’s barbershop, the tavern where Dr. Johnson worked on his dictionary, and the morbid interior of a Victorian prison. 

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Serial Killers: The Blood and Tears Walk

This walk has been going for 20 years and with amazing five star reviews on TripAdvisor it’s hard to go wrong.

If you love true crime and the psychology behind it, this tour is for you!

The tour is led by guide Declan McHugh, who wrote the best selling book “Bloody London”. Let Declan tell you fascinating stories of London’s serial killers including “Jack the Ripper”. The tour also covers witchcraft, executions and conspiracy theories. Learn things about London’s past you’ve never heard before.

Jampacked with gruesome stories and tales of grisly events,  the tour Start off at the Church of St Bartholomew the Great.  Here, you’ll hear the tale of the murder of two children inside Barbican Station and how the killer was never caught.  The tour passes through the Old Bailey, where two serial killers were executed for their crimes. You’ll also see where one of the Jack the Ripper suspects lived.

The 2 hour tour finishes at the Princess Louise pub in Holburn where you might need a stiff drink!

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